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The financialization of the economy is a major trend of our time.The “dad’s bank” which kept your money in its coffers has evolved strongly to offer a whole range of financial products always more pointed. The digitization of the economy has also had an impact on this sector. Indeed, the emergence of banks and online credit institutions devoid of physical offices.

These upheavals have had positive impacts for individuals and businesses that use these financial services. The scope of the offer has made it possible to respond to more specific needs. More specifically, in the mortgage sector, which offers solutions that are closer to tailor-made.
In addition to generalist firms, some lenders have specialized to occupy a specific niche.

An enrichment of the offer, at first glance positive, which has its flip side.

Mortgage loan: the perverse effects of the diversification of the offer

The proliferation of mortgage offers and formulas, however, has a perverse effect for consumers. Sometimes they are offered by institutions that have decided to occupy a niche in this market.
How to find the product adapted to its needs, and at the best cost, among this plethoric offer? This is all the more complicated because, in addition to the rates, you have to understand the terms of a product. This is a very complex task for the uninitiated.

Judgment is good, but who else but a mortgage broker can offer you tailored advice to help you make the right choice? Because the pitfalls that await households wishing to buy a home are numerous. Here are a few.

How to choose a mortgage?

How to choose a mortgage?

The most common pitfall in which individuals fall is to focus solely on the rate of a mortgage offer. Certainly, the lower it is, the better. But, the terms and conditions of your contract should be reviewed to see if they are consistent with your borrower profile and your personal situation. Penalties in the event of a break-up are an important point to watch.

Each credit organization accepts or refuses to grant a loan according to specific criteria. Institution X may well decide not to grant a mortgage loan to Mr. Laval, while he will be able to sign with institution Y. To avoid wasting time in unnecessary solicitations, the broker may refer you to the organisms. It will analyze the most likely to welcome you with open arms while offering an attractive offer.

Many Canadians, when it comes to contracting financial products, have the reflex to turn to the institutions of which they are already customers.

It is known, it will be easier to have all its contracts with the same agency … The reasoning seems logical, but it is not necessarily true! Addressing a mortgage broker is certainly no more complicated, while he can provide you with tips that can earn you money. Banks know very well that the majority of their customers who are talking to them do not compare, so they tend not to offer the best terms, even if it may seem counterintuitive.

Online mortgage, the panacea?

Online lenders, by definition, have lower operating costs. They are therefore likely to offer more competitive mortgage solutions to their customers. To this financial advantage are also added time savings: no need to move to an agency. Some Quebecers are apprehensive about signing such an important contract with a virtual or virtual institution.

This ignores the fact that many of the online mortgage players in Canada are in fact owned by major financial groups, both Canadian and foreign. You may be wondering what is the point of using a mortgage broker if it is to take credit online. Not only will it be able to sort through the many players in the market, but some products are only marketed through it.

In conclusion

Due to the sophistication of financial products in Canada and the multiplication / specialization of lending companies, banks and caisses in some niches, finding the right mortgage can be complicated and time-consuming. The borrowers are often obsessed with the loan rate, without paying attention to the terms of the loan, which can be disastrous if you need a way out. Using the services of a broker makes it possible to obtain a mortgage loan on the best possible terms, in terms of rates and clauses.

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7 Simple ways to consolidate debts and pay off bad credit Sat, 30 Mar 2019 12:28:28 +0000 Read More »]]>

No one is sure of the unexpected, but that does not mean it should be in red. Here are some simple ways to get back to the dark.

1. Credit or Debt?


Personal loans are usually cheaper than credit cards, with a competitive fee of less than 7%. Unlike credit cards, repayment dates and interest rates are fixed from the beginning

. 2. Not just a bank that can help you Bank or trust company will not automatically offer you the best deal.

Try to look at the internet which organizations can lend you a loan. Re 3. Re-mortgage properly

This is the cheapest long-term loan you can get, and many people use it to consolidate more expensive debts such as a credit card or card store.

It’s not always a good idea because you can take 25 years to get back the mortgage, which means you’ll pay more in the long run. 4. If you see something, say it

If you think you’ll be out in the open, always alert your bank.

If you do not, you could pay up to twice the interest in your overdraft as well as a personal loan.

5. It’s important to make your bills

Your financial records, including details of all your loans, outstanding liabilities, and default values, are kept in the files of the major credit reporting agencies.

Banks and trusted companies draw their bills before deciding to approve your loan.

You can also check your credit rating

credit rating

It is recommended every two years.

Membership in the gym, unpaid and long forgotten, will be stated.

Even if you solve the problem of the gym, the information can remain in the file.

It is your responsibility to contact the agency to correct the problem. Aucune 6. No credit rating is detrimental

Poor credit rating can cost you a lot but not credit ratings can be equally damaging.

You are more likely to get a loan if you have a history of responsible credit card repayments and loans. R 7. Pay Bad Credit

An increasing number of prominent lenders will give you a mortgage loan even if you have financial worries.

You will have to pay more than the most competitive prices, but this loan will not cost as much as you think.

Consult an experienced mortgage broker to help you find the best deal

Consult an experienced mortgage broker to help you find the best deal

Non-existent mortgages also allow you to repair bad credit capabilities. After a year or two regular payments, you can re-mortgage with a lower rate than another lender.

Buyback Consumer Credit How Does It Work? Sun, 10 Feb 2019 14:39:30 +0000 Read More »]]>


Owners or renters, the purchase of consumer credit is the best alternative available to you to lighten the accumulation of your personal credits, to help you carry out other projects or help you to do a little bit of work. economy.

Buyback consumer credit how does it work?

Buyback consumer credit how does it work?


The purchase of a consumer credit is a process to reduce the debt ratio. To do this, an institution will take care of settling your debts with the organizations where you have contracted your various personal loans. It is from the entity that made the redemption that you will then pay your monthly payments. The advantage of using the purchase of consumer credit is the ability to reduce each maturity by changing the duration of the loan to relieve your end of the month. This is the high rate of acceptance of loan redemption requests which also makes it a more interesting solution compared to renegotiating with your current creditors.

But it must be understood that editing a file of this kind should not be taken lightly. In the end, this system will allow you to find a healthier financial situation. For this you need to make an inventory of your debts by listing for example all your debts for a fast credit redemption . By knowing exactly where you are, you will have a better visibility on the margins that you have and thus optimize all the data of your application for repurchase of consumer credit to put all the chances on your side.

Characteristics of the consumer credit buyback

Characteristics of the consumer credit buyback


The purchase of consumer credit has some specificities. First, it is only valid for personal credits. For example, the purchase of consumer loans is for car and motorcycle loans, overdrafts or loans taken out for renovations of all kinds. In some cases, it is also possible to have an additional loan for your new projects.

Regarding the monthly payments of purchase of consumer credit, they are of the order of 36 to 144 months. It must also be known that the repurchase of consumer credit is a depreciable loan.

The criteria to benefit from a buyback of consumer credit are quite free. But be aware that this system is primarily for individuals, whether they are owners or tenants. There are several banks in France that specialize in buying consumer loans. To help you get a positive answer, you can also call on brokers specializing in credit redemption.


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Credit without a job Sun, 10 Feb 2019 13:12:12 +0000 Read More »]]>

When it comes to a jobless loan, the first clue is always that a loan always means debt. Many no longer find a way out of this situation and often have to file for consumer bankruptcy. But if you take a closer look, you find that the unemployed who receive state benefits also need capital. Especially when the job search is always unsuccessful, it is difficult to get along with the unemployment benefit. In many situations, a loan without a job is needed, but the problem is that hardly a bank is willing to then forgive this loan. The loan should be a jump start to a better life and many already fail at the front door of the bank.


What are the credit prospects?

A jobless loan can be seen as installment loan. Some models have an upper limit, which is particularly appropriate for customers with little or no income. A loan must always be paid back and those who already have little, who will have even less for the rates. Nevertheless, there are ways to get a jobless loan. 

What are the credit prospects?

Especially on the Internet, many providers will be quick to find who give a loan. Often it is private individuals who lend their money to this group of people. However, the applicant must firmly expect interest rates to be very high. A person without a job and thus no income always represents a risk. Borrowers then have to accept this risk with the high interest rates.

How can your own house bank be convinced?

How can your own house bank be convinced?

It is always important to inform yourself and to prepare well before the interview at the bank. Anyone who calls collateral own is already on the better side. Collateral is the Alpha and Omega for the bank. As the unemployment benefit is not considered collateral, other collateral is needed. The best thing would be if a person takes over a guarantee for the borrower. The guarantor, who in any case must have a fixed income, increases the chances of credit immensely. But even a life insurance can serve as security. However, this must have been completed several years ago so that the repurchase value is high enough. With these requirements, the bank can often be convinced that at least a small loan with a maximum amount of 5,000 euros will be awarded.

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Credit comparison -The effective interest decides Wed, 16 Jan 2019 13:37:37 +0000 Read More »]]>

Before borrowing a new car or buying a property, a credit comparison makes sense. All banks have installment loans on offer to find the right loan option, especially if clients are looking at the loan’s effective interest rate. With our credit comparison calculator you can always calculate the best interest rate and compare loan providers directly online.

Effective interest calculation according to legal requirements.

Banks are required by law to specify the effective interest rate. According to the provisions of the Civil Code and the Price Indication Regulation, credit institutions must include in the calculation of the annual percentage rate of charge all costs incurred in connection with the borrowing. Processing fees and other costs must be included in the calculation. In contrast to the effective interest rate, the nominal interest rate is the interest rate on the basis of which the rates for a loan are calculated, which is not meaningful in a cost comparison.

Shorter loan term reduces costs

Shorter loan term reduces costs

The decisive factor is that a credit comparison always compares loans of the same amount and the same duration. The lower the annual percentage rate of charge, the better the rate of the loan for the borrower. Be careful with the fine print: Some providers link the amount of the interest rate to the creditworthiness of the customer.

If the credit rating is assessed negatively, some banks charge a higher loan interest due to the increased risk. It is therefore worthwhile in all cases, first make a credit comparison to find the cheapest provider. Shorter maturities have a positive effect on the level of the effective interest rate, because if the loan amount is repaid within a shorter period, the borrower incurs lower costs.

With the online comparison calculator you play it safe, simply set the loan amount with the desired duration and use. Then the optimal interest rate for the given offer is calculated. Valuation information from various credit providers also simplifies the credit comparison. As an example, the specification of a loan of 5000 euros.

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